Top things to do in Scamander & Beaumaris

Brewery in Scamander & Beaumaris

Iron House Brewery

Get thirsty on the beach? Quench yourself 16km south of Scamander at Iron House, a craft brewery producing flavoursome pale ale, lager, wheat beer, stout, pilsner and porter. The brewery is part of the corporate Whi…
Bistro in Scamander & Beaumaris


Next door to Pelican Sands accommodation, Grazers is a surprisingly sophisticated little bistro with a short-but-sweet menu of international offerings: Korean fried chicken, Malaysian scallop curry, or just a well-m…
Cafe in Scamander & Beaumaris

Eureka Farm

A couple of kilometres south of Scamander is a sign pointing towards this fruitarian’s paradise. Try a smoked-salmon omelette for breakfast, or get stuck into the all-day fruit wonders: berry crepes, fruit pies, ice…