Robe attractions

Landmark in Robe


After there were 30 shipwrecks in Guichen Bay in 1835 alone, this iconic red-and-white turret was erected atop the cliffs on Cape Dombey. From here, rockets were launched out to stricken ships, carrying lifelines ba…
Brewery in Robe

Robe Town Brewery

Riding the crest of Australia's craft beer wave, Robe Town uses old-fangled methods to produce its hearty Shipwreck Stout and an excellent amber ale (among other creative brews). The brewery occupies a low-key shed …
Nature Reserve in Robe

Little Dip Conservation Park

Little Dip Conservation Park runs along the coast for about 13km south of town. It features a variety of habitats including lakes, wetlands and dunes, and some beaut beaches (good surf), Aboriginal middens, walks an…
Winery in Robe

Cape Jaffa Wines

Producing epic shiraz, Cape Jaffa Wines is the pick of the wineries in the emerging Mount Benson Wine Region ( There's a lovely hilltop stone tasting room here, with recycled timbers a…
Ruins in Robe

Old Gaol

Out on Cape Dombey, the ruins of Robe's original jailhouse are slowly eroding under the sun and salt. Built from local limestone in 1861, it wasn't the most secure of lock-ups: two prisoners escaped by tunnelling th…
Museum in Robe

Customs House

Heritage-listed stone buildings dating from the late 1840s to 1870s litter the streets of Robe, including the upstanding little 1863 Customs House, now a nautical and local history museum.