Historic Building in Richmond & Around

Richmond Gaol Historic Site

The northern wing of the remarkably well-preserved jail was built in 1825, five years before the penitentiary at Port Arthur, making it Australia's oldest jail. And like Port Arthur, fascinating historic insights ab…
Historic Site in Richmond & Around

Old Hobart Town Historical Model Village

A painstaking re-creation of Hobart Town in the 1820s, built from the city’s original plans – the kids will love it. Admission is a bit steep, but it's actually pretty amazing, with some solid historical insights.
Wildlife Reserve in Richmond & Around

ZooDoo Wildlife Park

Six kilometres west of Richmond on the road to Brighton (Middle Tea Tree Rd), ZooDoo has ‘safari bus’ rides, playgrounds, picnic areas and half of Dr Dolittle’s appointment book, including tigers, llamas, Tasmanian …
Wildlife Reserve in Richmond & Around

Bonorong Wildlife Centre

This impressive operation is about 17km west of Richmond (or alternatively, signposted off Hwy 1 at Brighton). From Richmond, take Middle Tea Tree Rd, and turn left into Tea Tree Rd after 11km. ‘Bonorong’ derives fr…
Winery in Richmond & Around

Frogmore Creek

Overlooking the Mt Pleasant Observatory, 9km southwest of Richmond, corporate Frogmore Creek has a flashy restaurant serving lunch, along with excellent chardonnay, pinot noir and sticky botrytis riesling. Don't mis…
Winery in Richmond & Around

Puddleduck Vineyard

Small, family-run vineyard producing just 1200 cases per year: shoot for the riesling, pinot noir and 'Bubbleduck' sparkling white. Snaffle a cheese platter ($20), or fire up the barbecues (BYO meat) for lunch by th…
Historic Building in Richmond & Around

Oak Lodge

One of Richmond’s oldest homes (c 1831), Oak Lodge is now owned by the National Trust and operated by the Coal River Historic Society. Inside is a museum zooming-in on colonial life.
Winery in Richmond & Around

Craigow Vineyard

Offers tastings in a colonial cottage. Great whites, including riesling, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Located opposite Frogmore Creek.
Church in Richmond & Around

St Luke's Church of England

St Luke's Church of England (1834), down a side street off the main drag, has an impressively castellated tower.
Bridge in Richmond & Around

Richmond Bridge

This chunky but not inelegant bridge still funnels traffic across the Coal River and is the town’s proud centrepiece. Built by convicts in 1823 (making it the oldest road bridge in Australia), it’s purportedly haunt…