SS Yongala Wreck

Top choice Diving

in Townsville Region

Widely considered one of Australia's top wreck dives, the SS Yongala is a steamship that sank in a cyclone while passing through the Great Barrier Reef in 1911 (one year before the Titanic met a similar fate); 122 passengers lost their lives. Diving here involves prolific marine life, more so than almost anywhere else on the reef.

Almost guaranteed are giant gropers, giant marble rays, eagle rays, trevally, barracuda, eagle rays, turtles, sea snakes, bull sharks and more against a backdrop of a coral-crusted wreck. Yongala Dive, in Alva Beach, organises dives out here, as do a number of Townsville-based operators, such as Adrenalin Dive and Remote Area Dive. From Magnetic Island, try Pleasure Divers and Pro Dive Magnetic.