Top ChoiceGallery in Laura

Split Rock Gallery

About 12km south of Laura look out for the badly signposted turn-off to the Split Rock Gallery, the only rock-art site open to the public without a guide. The sandstone escarpments here are covered with paintings...

Cultural in Laura

Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival

This sleepy settlement comes alive in June with the three-day Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival, the largest traditional Indigenous gathering in Australia. Remote communities from around the Cape descend on Laura...

Cultural Centre in Laura

Quinkan & Regional Cultural Centre

This cultural centre and museum has displays on the Indigenous and gold-mining history of the region. Highly recommended tours of Quinkan Country rock-art sites ($135 to $160) with an Indigenous guide can be...

Cafe in Laura

Laura Roadhouse

On the main road into town the roadhouse sells gas, ice and basic groceries, as well as serving meals, including massive burgers, and operating the camping area across the road.