Mt Sorrow Ridge Walk

Walking in Cape Tribulation

Mt Sorrow is a demanding day hike for fit walkers. The ridge-walk trail starts about 150m north of the Kulki picnic area car park, just off the Bloomfield Rd. The strenuous walk (7km, five to six hours return, start no later than 10am), offers spectacular views over the rainforest and reef.

The trail starts in a lowland rainforest valley, full of trees with large buttress roots and a canopy woven with large woody vines. As the ridge ascends, feather-leafed palms become more common. On the ridge, the vegetation is dominated by acacias (wattles). From the lookout, you can watch spangled drongos and small flocks of topknot pigeons in the air, while a variety of butterflies drift around on the wind. On a clear day, the beautiful Daintree coastline can be seen stretching southwards to Snapper Island and beyond.