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Most major international airlines fly to/from Australia. Australia's international carrier is Qantas, which has an outstanding safety record (…as Dustin Hoffman said in Rainman, 'Qantas never crashed').

Australia has numerous international gateways, with Sydney and Melbourne being the busiest.

Adelaide Airport

Brisbane Airport

Cairns Airport

Darwin International Airport

Gold Coast Airport

Melbourne Airport

Perth Airport

Sydney Airport

Departure Tax

The Australian international departure tax ($55) should be included in your airline ticket – check when you book.


Australia has no land borders with any other country.


It's possible (though by no means easy and not necessarily safe) to make your way between Australia and places such as Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands by hitching rides or crewing on yachts − usually you have to at least contribute towards food. Ask around at marinas and sailing clubs in places such as Coffs Harbour, Great Keppel Island, Airlie Beach, the Whitsundays, Darwin and Cairns. April is a good time to look for a berth in the Sydney area.

Alternatively P&O Cruises ( operates holiday cruises between Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney and destinations in New Zealand and the Pacific. Some freighter ships also allow passengers to travel on board as they ship cargo to/from Australia – check out websites such as and for options.