Top Choice Beach in Port Macquarie

Flynn's Beach

A patrolled beach nestled between two rocky headlands. Excellent for learner surfers.
Top Choice Beach in Port Macquarie

Town Beach

Particularly good for surfing; patrolled in summer.
Top Choice Landmark in Port Macquarie


Port's breakwater has been transformed into a work of community guerrilla art. The elaborately painted rocks range from beautiful memorials to ‘party hard’–type inanities.
National Park in Port Macquarie

Sea Acres National Park

This 72-hectare pocket of national park protects the state's largest and most diverse strand of coastal rainforest. It's alive with birds, goannas, brush turkeys and diamond pythons. The Rainforest Centre has an exc…
Wildlife Reserve in Port Macquarie

Koala Hospital

Chlamydia, traffic accidents and dog attacks are the biggest causes of illness and injury for koalas living near urban areas; about 250 end up in this shelter each year. You can walk around the open-air enclosures a…
National Park in Port Macquarie

Crowdy Bay National Park

Known for its rock formations and rugged cliffs, this park backs onto a long and beautiful beach. A 4.8km (two-hour) loop track heads over the Diamond headland. The roads running through the park are unsealed and fu…
Museum in Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Historical Museum

An 1836 house has been transformed into this surprisingly interesting little museum. Aboriginal and convict history are given due regard before more eclectic displays take over, including a 'street of shops' and a d…
Museum in Port Macquarie

Pilot’s Boatshed

Located at the town wharf, this tiny extension of the Maritime Museum has an historic slipway once used to launch the pilots' boats. Also sells souvenirs and books about Port Macquarie's maritime history.
National Park in Port Macquarie

Dooragan National Park

This little park immediately north of Crowdy Bay National Park and on the shores of Watson Taylor Lake is dominated by North Brother Mountain. A sealed road leads to the lookout at the top, which offers incredible v…
Historic Building in Port Macquarie

Roto House

This beautifully preserved late-Victorian weatherboard villa was built by surveyor John Flynn in 1891 and was occupied by his family right up until 1979. The enthusiastic volunteers will happily give you a guided to…