Port Campbell to Warrnambool restaurants

Ice Cream in Port Campbell to Warrnambool

Timboon Fine Ice Cream

Set up in an architecturally designed building, linked by bridge to Timboon's distillery, this ice creamery produces a range of seasonal flavours using fresh local dairy products (as well as some vegan options). It …
French in Port Campbell to Warrnambool

Simpson Snails

Drop by to see this organic free-range snail enclosure, where you'll learn all about these creatures and the farm, which stocks a lot of Melbourne restaurants. You also can have a taste test, sampling them cooked in…
Sweets in Port Campbell to Warrnambool

GORGE Chocolates

An essential stop for sweet tooths is this chocolatier where you can sample handmade Belgian chocolates. Its decadent hot chocolate drinks are popular come winter. It's located 15km from the Twelve Apostles along Pr…
Cheese in Port Campbell to Warrnambool

Timboon Cheesery

A lovely garden cafe owned by Schulz Organic Farms, a third generation of German cheesemakers. Here you can do a free tasting of their organics cheeses, or hang around to enjoy a platter and wine, or some scones and…
Cheese in Port Campbell to Warrnambool

Apostle Whey Cheese

Apostle Whey Cheese offers tastings of delectable award-winning blue cheeses, bries and gumtree-smoked cheddar on its dairy farm. Midweek you can watch cheesemaking in action.
Cafe in Port Campbell to Warrnambool

Berry World

At the back of Timboon, across from the golf course, is this farm where you can pick your own strawberries and blackberries between November and April. The price allows you to pick a 500g punnet. Otherwise drop by f…