Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Mt Blue Cow and Guthega make up the massive resort of Perisher. The terrain is roughly 22% beginners, 60% intermediate and 18% advanced with most of the action in Perisher Valley. Guthega (1640m) and Mt Blue Cow (1640m) are mainly day resorts so they're smaller and less crowded. From Guthega, cross-country skiers head to the Main Range or Rolling Ground.

Mt Blue Cow is accessible via the Skitube. Because of Perisher's sporadic layout, it doesn't have the village ambience of Thredbo, but it's widely held (though still debated) that the skiing is superior. Boarders should head for the half-pipe park where there are rails, boxes, kickers etc and good skiers shouldn't leave without giving the knees a workout on Toppers Dream, the freestyle mogul course groomed for Winter Olympics training.