Outback Onsens

Whilst you probably knew that Japan is famed for its myriad of onsen (hot springs) and Iceland for its Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, you might not have known that the NSW outback has its own outdoor baths, sprung from bores deep into the Great Artesian Basin which lies beneath much of the state. Some of these baths are harder to find, and many lie on private properties.

Free to the public and open 22 hours a day, the quality and warmth of the water at the standout Lightning Ridge Bore Bath, which has been soothing sore miners since 1962, is sublime. It's quite the experience to bathe alone at 1am on a cool outback evening in the middle of nowhere, 'neath a carpet of stars.

For a less atmospheric experience, Moree has a number of more commercial baths.