Top things to do in Northwest Corner

Australian in Boodjamulla National Park

Adel’s Grove Restaurant

On-site bar and restaurant at Adel's Grove, with a big open-air deck. A two-course set menu dinner and breakfast are included in room rates (though nonguests can eat here too). Lunch is bistro steaks, salads, burger…
Historic Site in Boodjamulla National Park

Riversleigh Fossil Field

This is thought to be the richest mammal fossil site in Australia, with everything from giant snakes and carnivorous kangaroos to pocket-sized koalas. Riversleigh D site is the only part open to the public. It's eas…
Bistro in Burketown

Morning Glory Restaurant

This licensed restaurant and cafe across the road from the pub serves up a bit of everything, from takeaway 'barra' burgers to steaks.
Arts & Crafts in Northwest Corner

Doomadgee Aboriginal Community

The Doomadgee Aboriginal Community, 93km west of Burketown, has a retail area and fuel available. Village access is at the discretion of the community council and alcohol is restricted.
Fair in Burketown

Morning Glory Festival

Taking advantage of the cloud phenomenon (though mother nature does not promise to deliver), Burketown puts on a weekend of music, arts and crafts and outback fun.