Gallery in Murwillumbah

Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre

This exceptional gallery overlooking the river is an architectural delight and home to some of Australia’s finest, including a new extension devoted to acclaimed Lismore-born painter Margaret Olley (1923–2011) which…
Museum in Murwillumbah

Tweed Regional Museum

The town’s small museum is housed in a beautiful old building and features a solid account of local history and an interesting radio room.
Gallery in Lismore

Lismore Regional Gallery

Lismore’s diminutive gallery has just enough space for two temporary exhibitions; they're usually excellent.
Wildlife Refuge in Lismore

Koala Care Centre

This worthy centre takes in sick, injured and orphaned koalas; visits are only possible by guided tour at the designated times. To see koalas in the wild, head to Robinson’s Lookout, immediately south of the town ce…
Cultural Centre in Nimbin

Hemp Embassy

Part shop, part stronghold for minor political group the Hemp Party, this colourful place raises consciousness about marijuana legalisation, and provides all the tools and fashion items you’ll need to attract police…
Gardens in Nimbin

Djanbung Gardens

Nimbin was at the forefront of the organic gardening movement and this world-renowned permaculture education centre, created out of a degraded cow pasture, is home to food forests, vegetable gardens, a drought-proof…
Gardens in Murwillumbah

Tropical Fruit World

North of town under the Big Avocado, this fruity theme park–plantation claims to have the world's largest collection of rare and tropical fruit – 500 varieties in total. It offers guided tractor tours, tastings, boa…
National Park in Border Ranges National Park

Border Ranges National Park

The vast Border Ranges National Park covers 317 sq km on the NSW side of the McPherson Range, which runs along the NSW–Queensland border. It's part of the Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Area and it's estimated …
Viewpoint in Lismore

Robinson's Lookout

National Park in Nightcap National Park

Nightcap National Park

The spectacular waterfalls, sheer cliff of solidified lava and dense rainforest of 80-sq-km Nightcap National Park are perhaps to be expected from somewhere with the highest annual rainfall in NSW. It's part of the …