Accommodation in the Ningaloo-side towns of Exmouth and Coral Bay is in demand, especially in peak tourist season (roughly April to October).

The campgrounds of Cape Range National Park must be booked in advance year-round at

Rural, no-frills station stays are also an option to really get away from it all.

Station Stays

If you're sick of cramped caravan parks and want somewhere a little more relaxed and off the beaten track, consider a station stay. Scattered around the Ningaloo coast are a number of pastoral stations offering a range of rustic accommodation – be it an exquisite slice of empty coast, dusty home paddock, basic shearers' digs or fully self-contained, air-conditioned cottages.

Don't expect top-notch facilities; some sites don't have any at all. Power and water are limited; the more self-sufficient you are, the more enjoyable the stay – remember, you're getting away from it all. You will find loads of wildlife, magnificent starry skies, solitude and warm outback hospitality.

Some stations offer wilderness camping away from the homestead (usually by the coast) and you'll need a 4WD and chemical toilet. These places tend to cater for fisher-types with boats, and 'grey nomads' who stay by the week.

Certain stations only offer accommodation during the peak season (April to October). It's wise to book ahead for rooms and cottages (usually not necessary for campsites). Check websites for details of what to bring, and how to get there. Also consider the excellent station-stay options along the Quobba Coast, north of Carnarvon.