Top ChoiceSeafood in Eden


Eden mussels, Tilba cheeses and Gippsland wines find their perfect setting in this shack-chic, upper-floor restaurant overlooking the wharf. The sunset views and attention to detail in the food preparation belie...

Street Carnival in Eden

Whale Festival

During the old whaling days, hunters would herald the seasonal return of their prey towards the end of the year. Fortunately these days it's all about the excitement of the start of whale-watching season, marked...

Cafe in Eden


Sprout is a health-conscious street cafe which taps right into the local community spirit. Coffee, sandwiches and 'nourish bowls' are the main attractions, but the sweet treats in the counter are popular with the...

Viewpoint in Eden

Whale Lookout

Between late September and late November, a good spot to look for whales is at the scenic lookout south of the wharf. This can also save you the time and money of an organised cruise.

Food in Eden

Eden Smokehouse

A woody aroma envelops you even before you step inside the shop adjoining Eden Smokehouse. For sale is every imaginable variety of wood-smoked fish and meat, from eel, garlic mussels and gravlax to dry-cured bacon.

Museum in Eden

Killer Whale Museum

This long-running museum satisfies appetites for tales of seabound adventures, local Aboriginal history and blubber-based medical cures. As its centrepiece, it displays the monster skeleton of Old Tom, a killer...

Aquarium in Eden

Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre

There's a school-classroom feel to the family-focused Marine Discovery Centre, which has touch pools full of harmless creatures and a dark room that glows with displays about the deep sea.

Pub in Eden

Great Southern Inn

The pub in the heart of town offers good-value meals and views and beer-first service. There are cheap beds upstairs if you need one ($40 to $100), but it's best enjoyed as an unofficial information centre.

Cafe in Eden

Wharfside Café

Friendly waitstaff and fresh food make the Wharfside a decent enough spot for fish of the day or a cooked breakfast, though service is inconsistent.