Mt Field National Park restaurants

Cafe in Mt Field National Park

Possum Shed

Walking into the Possum Shed is a bit like stumbling into a CWA (Country Women's Association) meeting. Knitted goodies and other crafts line the walls, and staff get about in kitchen aprons as they dish out great De…
Pub Food in Mt Field National Park

National Park Hotel

A few hundred metres past the park turn-off is this old country pub (1920), cooking up mixed grills, chicken dishes and steaks. The bartender shakes her head and says, ‘They love their meat round here…’. The bar sce…
Cafeteria in Mt Field National Park

Waterfalls Cafe

This simple eatery inside the Mt Field National Park visitor information centre serves up reasonable cafe fare (burgers, nachos, toasted sandwiches and chicken schnitzels), plus fresh-cut sandwiches.