Moonta restaurants

Cafe in Moonta

Taste the Yorke

Making a splash in Moonta, this corner cafe occupies a heritage shopfront in the old town, with couches under the low eaves outside and retro timber tables within. Daily specials are written on brown paper bags and …
Bistro in Moonta

Sails Kitchen & Bar

The affiliated Seagate Motel next door may have fallen on hard times, but Sails is still going strong. Pub-style bistro fare is the order of the day: burgers, schnitzels, pizzas, oysters and big salads. Windows slid…
Bakery in Moonta

Cornish Kitchen

After a dirty day digging down the mine, swing your pick into the Cornish Kitchen for the ultimate Cornish pastie (the chunky steak and onion pies are pretty great too). Hung with vintage Cornish tea towels.