Tourist Information in Oatlands

Southern Midlands Council

The local council offices stock tourist brochures, including a self-guided town tour and leaflets on the old town jail, supreme court and military precinct; and the Lake Dulverton & Dulverton Walkway Information…
Tourist Information in Bothwell

Central Highlands Visitor Information Centre

Pick up the free Browse Bothwell! leaflet from this fancy new visitor centre (revamped in 2016) and check out the wee map, marked with the locations of historic buildings. The Australasian Golf Museum is here too.
Tourist Information in Campbell Town

Campbell Town Visitor Information Centre

Local info, plus the Campbell Town Museum. The centre is run by volunteers, so hours may vary. Pick up the Campbell Town – Historic Heart of Tasmania brochure, which plots sundry historic edifices on a map.
Tourist Information in The Lakes

Great Western Tiers Field Office

This office in Deloraine, north of the Central Highlands, isn't a visitor centre – but you can call for lake and bushwalking info.
Post in Ross

Post Office

Ross's 1896 post office – a handsome old edifice on the main street – is still operating.
Tourist Information in Ross

Ross Visitor Information Centre

Inside the Tasmanian Wool Centre.
Tourist Information in The Lakes

Inland Fisheries Service

Sells fishing licences.