Bridge in Ross

Ross Bridge

The oft-photographed 1836 Ross Bridge is the third-oldest bridge in Australia. Designed by colonial architect John Lee Archer, it was built by two convict stonemasons, Messrs Colbeck and Herbert, who were granted pa…
Historic Building in Oatlands

Callington Mill

Spinning above the Oatlands rooftops, the Callington Mill was built in 1837 and ground flour until 1891. After decades of neglect, with the innards collecting pigeon poo and the stonework crumbling, it's been fully …
Village in Tarraleah


Located off the Lyell Hwy midway between Hobart and Queenstown, Tarraleah (pronounced 'Tarra-lee-uh'; population 10) is a surreal place. It was built in the 1920s and ‘30s as a residential village for hydroelectric …
Museum in Bothwell

Australasian Golf Museum

In the same building as the visitor centre, this museum celebrates golfing achievements Down Under. Exhibits have a particular bias towards Ratho Farm, Australia's oldest golf course, which is just up the road. Ther…
Distillery in Bothwell

Nant Distillery

A key component of Bothwell’s mini-Scotland ambience is this distillery, where superb single malt whisky is crafted in an 1820s flour mill. Tours (11am, 1.30pm & 3pm) and tastings were running when we visited, b…
Distillery in Kempton

Old Kempton Distillery

Old Kempton (until recently called Redlands Distillery) set up shop in 2012 at historic Redlands Estate near New Norfolk but has relocated to the equally gorgeous Dysart House (1842) in Kempton. Pull off the highway…
Bridge in Campbell Town

Red Bridge

The convict-built bridge across the slow-moving Elizabeth River at Campbell Town was completed in 1838, making it almost as venerable as the Ross Bridge. Locals call it the Red Bridge because it was built from more …
Landmark in Ross

Four Corners of Ross

The crossroads in the middle of town is known as the Four Corners of Ross, potentially leading your soul in one of four directions: temptation (the Ross Hotel), salvation (the Catholic Church), re-creation (the town…
Historic Building in Campbell Town


This noble 1847 mansion, set back a dignified distance from the main street, is now used as a conference centre.
Historic Building in Campbell Town

Campbell Town Inn

The 1840 Campbell Town Inn has been converted into an antiques shop, but its solid-stone bones remain.