Aquarium in Merimbula & Pambula

Merimbula Aquarium

Right at the end of the road southeast of the centre, this is accessed through a restaurant with super views and has mostly local and tropical Australian fish species; there's also a turtle and some small sharks. Fi…
Zoo in Merimbula & Pambula

Potoroo Palace

Warmly run Potoroo Palace, a not-for-profit animal sanctuary, has echidnas, kangaroos, dingoes, koalas, potoroos and native birds. There's also a cafe here, with daily lunch specials. It's 9km northwest of Merimbula…
Nature Reserve in Merimbula & Pambula


Low-lying ground along the shores of the Pambula River is being rehabilitated as a wetland zone as part of an innovative community project. Explore the area along marked walking trails including a 3.25km loop around…
Nature Reserve in Merimbula & Pambula

Nature Boardwalk

Follows the estuary 1.75km southwest of the causeway around mangroves, oyster farms and melaleucas. Birds, mammals and crustaceans are all visible.