Bicycle Hire in Melbourne

Humble Vintage

Get yourself a set of special wheels from this collection of retro racers, city bikes and women's bikes. Rates include lock, helmet and a terrific map with plenty of ideas about what to do with your non-bike-riding …
Tickets in Melbourne


Drivers need to be aware that part of the main route into Melbourne from Tullamarine Airport is a toll road run by CityLink. If you’re travelling on toll roads (including CityLink and EastLink) for less than 30 days…
Bicycle Rental in Melbourne

Melbourne Bike Share

An automated, self-service bike-share system with 52 bright-blue stations scattered around the city, central suburbs and St Kilda. The first half-hour is free once you pay for your subscription (which requires a cre…
Train in Melbourne


Bus and train services around Victoria. Trains head to Geelong ($9, one hour), Warrnambool ($36, 3¾ hours), Ballarat ($15, 1½ hours), Bendigo ($22, two hours) and Albury ($38, four hours). Coach destinations include…
Ferry in South Melbourne, Port Melbourne & Albert Park

Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania crosses Bass Strait from Melbourne to Devonport, Tasmania, at least nightly; there are also day sailings during peak seasons. It takes around 10 hours.
Bus in Southbank & Docklands


Overnight coaches to/from Sydney ($65, 12 hours), Wagga Wagga ($65, 5¾ hours), Albury ($65, 3½ hours), Ballarat ($50, 1¾ hours) and Adelaide ($60, 9¾ hours).
Ferry in Melbourne's West

Melbourne River Cruises

Ferries passengers between berth 5 on the Southgate promenade and Gem Pier in Williamstown. There are three to five sailings daily, depending on the season.
Ferry in Melbourne's West

Williamstown Ferries

Heads between berth 1 on Southbank promenade and Gem Pier in Williamstown, stopping at Scienceworks on the way. Boats depart three to seven times daily.
Train in Melbourne

NSW TrainLink

Trains to/from Sydney ($92, 11½ hours) via Benalla ($24, 2¼ hours), Wangaratta ($34, 2½ hours), Albury ($47, 3¼ hours) and Wagga Wagga ($63, 4½ hours).
Bus in Melbourne


Skybus meets flights flying into and out of Melbourne and Avalon airports. It departs from Southern Cross station. Pre-booking is not required.