Top Choice Middle Eastern in Carlton & Brunswick


A fabulously well-considered place that serves up a mix of traditional Lebanese cooking and contemporary interpretations of old Persian dishes. The sigara boregi (cheese and pine-nut pastries) are a local institutio…
Turkish in Carlton & Brunswick


For a small corner cafe, Babajan whips up some big Turkish flavours. Kirsty Chiaplias, who runs the show, has culinary cred going back years from working with noteworthy chefs such as Gordon Ramsay. Drop in for a de…
Middle Eastern in Carlton & Brunswick

A1 Lebanese Bakehouse

This huge, classic Sydney Rd eatery and bakery is perfect for dining in on hearty Lebanese food including falafel and chicken tawouk plates, or takeaway piping-hot pastries and pizzas: spinach-and-cheese triangles, …
Lebanese in Carlton & Brunswick


The kitchen here is steered by Abla Amad, whose authentic, flavour-packed food has inspired a whole generation of local Lebanese chefs. The banquet menu (from $60) is compulsory on Friday and Saturday nights. BYO wi…
Middle Eastern in Carlton & Brunswick

Tiba's Restaurant

Family run, alcohol free and enduringly popular, Tiba's is one of Sydney Rd's sure bets for tasty Lebanese food.