Greek in Richmond & East Melbourne

Demitri's Feast

Warning: don’t even attempt to get a seat here on a weekend; aim for a quiet weekday, when you’ll have time and space to fully immerse yourself in lunches such as calamari salad with ouzo aioli.
Greek in Carlton & Brunswick

Hellenic Republic

The Iron Bark grill at George Calombaris’s northern outpost works overtime grilling up pitta, king prawns, local calamari and snapper, and luscious lamb. Its taramosalata (white cod roe dip) is unbelievably good and…
Greek in City Centre


The lastest offering from George Calombaris of MasterChef fame, this rebadged side project to the fancier Press Club (next door) is set in a cavernous industrial space with a menu inspired by Greek street food. Sele…
Greek in City Centre


What's not to love about a 24-hour 'souva' joint? Especially when they've been doing the best lamb souvlakis in Melbourne for over 40 years. They're located in the heart of the Greek precinct of Melbourne, and an ab…
Greek in Fitzroy, Collingwood & Abbotsford

Jimmy Grants

Set up by celebrity chef George Calombaris, this is not your ordinary souva joint – these are gourmet souvlakis, which you don't need to be plastered at 3am to enjoy. Options may include a pita stuffed with lamb, mu…
Greek in Fitzroy, Collingwood & Abbotsford

Pireaus Blues

Come for home-style oven-baked Greek dishes inspired by nonna's recipes and prepared by third-generation owners. Its chargrilled calamari with feta salsa and homebaked bread is divine. There's traditonal music on Mo…
Greek in Williamstown

Jimmy Grants

Jimmy Grants, much-loved across Melbourne for its gourmet souvlakis has recently opened a Wlliamstown outpost. Bliss.