Surfing Tasmania's annual West Coast Classic ( surfing competition is regularly decided at Marrawah in March, as is a round of the state’s windsurfing championships. The area has a number of surfing spots.

Green Point (known as taypalaka in Aboriginal dialect) About 2km from the town centre, and has a break that’s impressive in southerly conditions.

Nettley Bay Along the road from Green Point/taypalaka.

Lighthouse Beach At West Point, south of Marrawah. Has good surfing in an easterly. It’s reached by taking the left-hand branches of the road from the turn-off on the C214.

Bluff Hill Point Has great reef surfing in easterly conditions. The surf beach is to the right of the lighthouse off Bluff Hill Point Rd.


There’s a lengthy beach walk from Bluff Hill Point to West Point (four hours one way) and a coastal walk from Bluff Hill Point to the mouth of the Arthur River (two hours one way). There’s also a highly scenic walk north along the beach from Green Point to Preminghana (around three hours return).


In winter you can catch Australian salmon at Nettley Bay or off the rocks at West Point, while in summer you can catch black-backed salmon off the beach at the mouth of the Arthur River, or estuary perch in the river itself.