Malanda & Around attractions

Top Choice Museum in Malanda & Around

Malanda Dairy Centre

This welcoming spot is a great place to have a break from your Tablelands travels; have a browse around the Mabi Gallery (featuring photos and artworks by talented locals) and the quaint, kid-pleasing dairy museum t…
National Park in Malanda & Around

Mt Hypipamee National Park

This park's eponymous main attraction – the eerie Mt Hypipamee Crater – is an unplumbed volcanic pipe more than 80m deep; the granite walls that plunge to its mossy waters fall a sheer 138m. From the parking and pic…
Nature Reserve in Malanda & Around

Australian Platypus Park & Tarzali Lakes

If you don't have the time to spend hours sitting quietly beside a stream, this family-friendly place offers your best chance to spot a platypus in the wild via a guided tour; the waters and connecting creek are hom…
Waterfall in Malanda & Around

Malanda Falls

Spread your towel at the shady, croc-free Malanda Falls, which have been tamed into a kind of public swimming pool. The falls don't fall as dramatically as others nearby, but it's a safe and easily accessible spot f…
Market in Malanda & Around

Malanda Markets

Head to these monthly markets and pick up local produce, arts, crafts and all manner of country-style curios.