Landmark in Loxton

Tree of Knowledge

Down by the river near the caravan park, the Tree of Knowledge is marked with flood levels from previous years. The bumper flows of 1931, '73, '74, '75, and 2011 were totally outclassed by the flood-to-end-all-flood…
Landmark in Loxton

Loxton Pepper Tree

This gnarled, weather-split, termite-ravaged old pepper tree dates back to 1878, allegedly planted by boundary rider William Charles Loxton, after whom the town was named. He lived near here in a little pine hut fro…
National Park in Loxton

Murray River National Park

From Loxton you can canoe across to Katarapko Creek in the Murray River National Park; hire canoes from Loxton Riverfront Caravan Park.
Museum in Loxton

Loxton Historic Village

Down by the river, the mildly kitsch (but nonetheless interesting) Loxton Historic Village – locally known as just 'The Village' – is a re-created time warp of 45 dusty, rusty old buildings and old country curios. L…