Dangers & Annoyances

  • If your flight is fully loaded, your checked-in bag might be bumped to the next day's flight, so pack necessaries for the first night in your carry-on.
  • Weather means boat trips are often cancelled, and flights can be too. Don't book anything important for the same day you are meant to fly back from Lord Howe.


Travel insurance is recommended due to the possibility of cancelled flights. If you're stuck on the island, the airline will pay one night's accommodation but no more.

Checking insurance quotes…

Internet Access

Wi-fi is available at a handful of hotspots around the island and at many of the accommodation options. It's unreliable. There are various access packages, starting at 100MB over three days for $4.95.


There's no mobile coverage on the island and many locals are keen to keep it that way, as it's an appealing feature to many visitors after the first-day out-of-contact nerves. Payphones dot the island, and there are a few free phones around to make local calls.

Tourist Information

There's a tourist desk in the Lord Howe Island Museum. The website www.lordhoweisland.info is very useful.


Lord Howe Island is half an hour ahead of NSW in winter (UTC plus 10:30 hours). When daylight savings time operates on the mainland, Lord Howe shifts half an hour only, so it's the same as NSW (UTC plus 11 hours).