Litchfield National Park attractions

Waterfall in Litchfield National Park

Wangi Falls

Litchfield's big-ticket attraction, Wangi Falls (pronounced Wong-guy) flow year-round, spilling either side of a huge orange-rock outcrop and filling an enormous swimming hole bordered by rainforest. Bring swimming …
Waterfall in Litchfield National Park

Florence Falls

Florence Falls is one of Litchfield's more agreeable waterholes, accessed by a 15-minute, 135-step descent to a deep, beautiful pool surrounded by monsoon forest. Alternatively, you can see the falls from a lookout,…
Natural Feature in Litchfield National Park

Magnetic Termite Mounds

About 17km after entering the park from Batchelor you come to what look like tombstones. But only the very tip of these magnetic termite mounds is used to bury the dead; at the bottom are the king and queen, with wo…
Waterfall in Litchfield National Park

Tolmer Falls

One of Litchfield's most spectacular sights, Tolmer Falls doesn't quite get the crowds because of the absence of swimming, and we like it all the more for that. A 1.6km loop track (45 minutes) offers beautiful views…
Natural Feature in Litchfield National Park

Lost City

One of the more accessible of 'lost cities' in the NT, this dramatic collection of eroded rocky outcrops, some up to 500 million years old, has come to resemble a city of sandstone skyscrapers. Short walking tracks …
Nature Reserve in Litchfield National Park

Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs Park

This park protects the Douglas River, its wildlife and its thermal springs. It's a pretty spot that sees far fewer visitors than elsewhere in the Litchfield area. Warning: the water can get really hot.
Gorge in Litchfield National Park

Butterfly Gorge Nature Park

A great spot for a picnic and a swim beyond Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs Park.
Waterfall in Litchfield National Park

Tjaynera Falls

Four-wheel-drive access only to these gorgeous falls.
Waterfall in Litchfield National Park

Surprise Creek Falls

Remote swimming hole, accessible only by 4WD.