Fast Food in Lismore

Lismore Pie Cart

A local institution serving home-made meat pies, mash, mushy peas and gravy.
Cafe in Lismore


A stodgy old caff has been reborn as a retro-hip scenester playground. Lots of local musicians hang out at the pavement tables sipping the excellent coffee by day and jamming till late weekend nights.
Bakery in Lismore

Goanna Bakery & Cafe

As well as baking organic sourdough bread and a delectable array of sweet things, this cavernous bakery-cafe serves a good selection of vegetarian and vegan meals.
Italian in Lismore

Fire in the Belly

A red dragon curls around the wood-burning oven as brave souls fearlessly extract delicious gourmet pizza from its innards. The menu is rounded out with pasta, risotto and a traditional osso bucco.
Modern Australian in Lismore

Palate at the Gallery

This slick pavilion has French doors that open onto a sunny, shrub-lined terrace. It morphs seamlessly from swish daytime cafe to Lismore's top restaurant, offering delicious dishes throughout.