Top Choice Modern Australian in Kununurra


Idyllically situated on Lake Kununurra, the PumpHouse creates succulent dishes featuring quality local ingredients. Watch the catfish swarm should a morsel slip off the verandah, or just have a beer and watch the su…
Top Choice Cafe in Kununurra

Wild Mango

The hippest, healthiest feed in town with breakfast burritos, succulent salads, mouth-watering pancakes, chai smoothies, real coffee and homemade gelato. The entrance is on Konkerberry Dr.
Cafe in Kununurra

Ivanhoe Cafe

Grab a table under the leafy mango trees and tuck into tasty wraps, salads and burgers, all made from fresh, local produce. Don't miss the signature mango smoothie.
Australian in Kununurra

Kelly’s Bar & Grill

Inside the Country Club, you'll find the usual, rather pricey bistro nosh. If you haven't booked or can't face the thought of wearing shoes, stay outside around the pool. The lunchtime burgers are better value.