Kingscote attractions

Winery in Kingscote

Bay of Shoals Wines

Out past Kingscote's cemetery, overlooking the shallow Bay of Shoals itself (yes, plenty of shoals), this established winery instills confidence with its rows of mature vines and arrays of solar panels. Sip some pin…
Museum in Kingscote

Hope Cottage Museum

Built on the hill in 1859, this cottage is now a fastidiously maintained National Trust museum decked out in period style, with a reconstructed Masonic lodge, an amazing old quilt, a tiny walled rose garden, the ori…
Farm in Kingscote

Island Beehive

Runs 20-minute factory tours where you can study up on passive, hard-working Ligurian bees and bee-keeping, then stock up on by-products (bee-products?) including delicious organic honey and honeycomb ice cream. Tou…