Being an island, the wind is offshore somewhere every day, ensuring excellent surfing. Indeed the break at Martha Lavinia, near the island's northern tip, was named as one of the world's top 10 waves by one surfing magazine. Other stellar breaks can be found at Phoques Bay on the northwest coast; Porky Beach, right behind King Island Dairy (just beyond the airport); and British Admiral Beach near Kelp Industries at Currie's southern edge.

Surf and freshwater fishing almost guarantee a good catch, and you can swim at many of the island’s unpopulated beaches (beware rips and currents) and freshwater lagoons. Bring your own gear to snorkel and dive.

If you're serious about walking, pick up a copy of Ken Martin's Walks of King Island from the post office in Currie. Good short walks include the calcified forest (30 minutes) in the island's southwest corner and a 10-minute stroll to the top of King Island's highest cliffs at nearby Seal Rocks.

You don’t even need to get out on foot for wildlife spotting on KI: it’s just about everywhere you look. There are rufus and Bennett’s wallabies (more than 500,000 wallabies in total!), snakes, echidnas and plenty of platypuses. The Birds of King Island ( group claims the island as one of Australia's top five birdwatching destinations; at a minimum, head to the Grassy breakwater at dusk during summer to see little penguins coming ashore.