Dairy in King Island

King Island Dairy

Low-key but top quality, King Island Dairy’s fromagerie is 8km north of Currie (just beyond the airport). Taste its award-winning bries, cheddars and feisty blues, watch a 15-minute video about the cheesemaking proc…
Lighthouse in King Island

Cape Wickham Lighthouse

You can drive right up to the tallest lighthouse in the southern hemisphere at Cape Wickham, on KI’s northern tip. This 48m-high tower was built in 1861 after several ships had been wrecked on the island’s treachero…
Museum in King Island

Kelp Industries’ Visitor Centre

Come here to find out why you see tractors gathering kelp on the island's beaches. The huge straps of bull kelp being air-dried here are exported to factories in Scotland and Norway, which extract alginates for use …
Nature Reserve in King Island

Calcified Forest

From Currie, head south to the Seal Rocks Reserve (off South Rd). A 30-minute return stroll takes you to a viewing platform to survey the fossilised stumps of rainforest trees.
Lighthouse in King Island

Currie Lighthouse

One of three lighthouses on the island, this structure with its 20m-high spiral staircase can be visited on twice-weekly tours. Advance bookings essential.
Gallery in King Island

King Island Cultural Centre

Home to a gallery showing work by local artists. Hosts a resident artist program and many community events. Check the Facebook page for exhibition details.
Museum in King Island

King Island Historical Museum

Exhibits on lightkeeping, shipwrecks, local monuments and the island's soldier settlement history.