Top Choice Modern Australian in Healesville

Giant Steps

The massive, refurbed Giant Steps is known for both its cellar door and buzzing restaurant. The delicious wood-fired dishes – featuring anything from a grilled snapper to chicken and tofu – steal the show, followed …
Modern Australian in Healesville

Healesville Hotel

One of the area’s culinary showstoppers, historic Healesville Hotel is split into a formal dining room and the inviting front bar for more casual gastropub fare; the latter is a perfect spot for a pint or a glass of…
Cafe in Healesville

Healesville Harvest Cafe

Sidling up next to the Healesville Hotel, the Harvest is perfect for fresh coffee and light meals made with local produce – salads, sandwiches, cakes, breakfast rolls, sausage rolls and soups. Head next door to its …
Cafe in Healesville

Mocha & Lime

Its namesake colour scheme may be a bit on the nose, but it opens up to an attractive earthy cafe featuring a seasonal menu of local produce. There's Buxton smoked trout, a street-food dish of the week, single-origi…
Pizza in Healesville

Innocent Bystand0er

Moving out of the venue it shared with Giant Steps, Innocent Bystander has gone it alone, yet literally only across the street. While it's under new owners, it's still going to be about wood-fired pizzas and wine, i…
Cafe in Healesville

Bodhi Tree Café

Friendly eco-vibes, salvaged-wood furniture and a pot-belly stove complement the wood-fired pizzas, curries and vegetarian food at this popular hippie hang-out.