Petrol Station in Central Gibb

Mt Barnett Roadhouse

Groceries, diesel and unleaded petrol (most expensive on the Gibb). Also camping permits for Manning River Gorge, 7km behind the roadhouse.
Petrol Station in Western Gibb

Imintji Store

Refuel (diesel only), grab an ice cream and check your email at Imintji Store. There's a small art gallery nearby and cheaper diesel than elsewhere on the Gibb.
Mechanic in Central Gibb

Over the Range Repairs

Between Adcock and Galvans gorges, Nev and Leonie are your best – if not only – hope of mechanical salvation on the whole Gibb.
Airline in Kalumburu


Flies Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between Kununurra and Kalumburu.
Petrol Station in Kalumburu


The yard next to the mission store.