Beach in Fraser Island

Manann Beach

Fraser Island east coast beach that stretches 18km from Sandy Cape.
Beach in Fraser Island

Maheno Beach

Named for the Maheno shipwreck that's become an essential part of the tour trail.
Beach in Fraser Island

Corroboree Beach

Beach along the northeast coast of Fraser Island.
Shipwreck in Fraser Island

Maheno Wreck

The Maheno was a passenger liner that was blown ashore by a cyclone in 1935 while being towed to a Japanese scrap yard. It is now a major tourist attraction.
Hill in Fraser Island


These coloured sand cliffs are a photographer's delight.
Lighthouse in Fraser Island

Sandy Cape Lighthouse

Active, heritage lighthouse on the northern-most tip of Fraser Island.
Viewpoint in Fraser Island


Fantastic sea views from Indian Head.
National Park in Fraser Island

Poona National Park

Two islands and coastal plains in the Great Sandy Strait are protected in this park.
Forest in Fraser Island

Tuan State Forest

Extensive pine plantations stretch from Tin Can Bay to Boonaroo.
Forest in Fraser Island

Valley of the Giants

The largest remaining trees on the island are found here.