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Top Choice National Park in Flinders Ranges

Flinders Ranges National Park

One of SA's most treasured parks, Flinders Ranges National Park is laced with craggy gorges, saw-toothed ranges, abandoned homesteads, Aboriginal sites, native wildlife and, after it rains, carpets of wild flowers. …
Top Choice Cafe in Quorn

Quorn Cafe

The menu board at this unexpected, culturally displaced cafe is an old door hung on the wall, covered with brown-paper sandwich bags. Each bag has a menu item scribbled on it: vegetable frittata, warm chicken salad,…
National Park in Southern Ranges

Mt Remarkable National Park

Bush boffins rave about the steep, jagged Mt Remarkable National Park, which straddles the Southern Flinders and rises above little Melrose like a protective overlord. Wildlife and bushwalking are the main lures, wi…
Museum in Southern Ranges

Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre

Inside Peterborough's original rail depot, this excellent museum takes you back to the days of steam power, when 100 trains a day were shunting through this little town. Guided tours (90 minutes) run all day, with t…
Modern Australian in Flinders Ranges National Park

Woolshed Restaurant

At Rawnsley Park Station, the excellent Woolshed Restaurant does brilliant bush tucker, plus curries, seafood and pizzas. It's an atmospheric, rustic-chic spot for a cold sundowner, too.
Ruins in Southern Ranges

Jacka's Brewery

In Melrose, don't miss a walk to see the amazing, decaying multistorey stone ruins of Jacka's Brewery (1878), which once employed 40 staff. Bring your camera.
Wildlife Reserve in Leigh Creek & Copley

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary

A privately operated wildlife reserve–resort 129km east of Copley on unsealed roads, Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary occupies a far-flung and utterly spectacular part of the Flinders Ranges. The visitor centre (open …
National Park in Leigh Creek & Copley

Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park

Blanketing 1282 sq km of desert, this remote national park has deep gorges, rugged ranges, yellow-footed rock wallabies and gum-lined creeks. Most of the park is difficult to access (4WDs are near-compulsory) and ha…
Ruins in Quorn


Out of town, derelict ruins litter the Quorn–Hawker Rd, the most impressive of which is Kanyaka, a once-thriving sheep station founded in 1851. From the ruins (41km from Quorn), it's a 20-minute walk to a waterhole …
Religious Site in Hawker

Arkaroo Rock

Around 40km north of Hawker towards Wilpena, Arkaroo Rock is a sacred Aboriginal site (we don't need to lecture you about being respectful, do we?). The rock art here features reptile and human figures in charcoal, …