About 24km south of Ardrossan is magical little Black Point, a holiday hot spot with a long row of shacks built right on the dunes above a protected, north-facing beach (perfect if you've got kids).

Further south, unpretentious Port Vincent (population 480) has lots of accommodation, a waterfront pub and a busy marina, from where yachts dart across to Adelaide. Continuing south, Stansbury is the happening-est town on the east coast, with a caravan park, visitor info centre, a great little restaurant and a beaut waterside pub.

Further south again is endearing little Edithburgh, which has a free tidal swimming pool in a small cove. From the cliff tops here, views extend offshore to sandy Troubridge Island Conservation Park, home to much bird life including penguins, cormorants and terns. You can stay the night here at the old lighthouse. The island is steadily eroding − what the sea wants, the sea will have…