Dongara-Port Denison attractions

Museum in Dongara-Port Denison

Irwin District Museum

Peer into cells at the old police station, learn about crimes that landed convicts in this part of Australia (such as the wanton theft of cabbages) and marvel at accounts of the devastating Irwin River floods.
Beach in Dongara-Port Denison

Granny's Beach

Family-friendly beach with a playground and calm waters, good for swimming. At the north end, Nun's Pool is surrounded by reef and ideal for snorkelling.
Beach in Dongara-Port Denison

Seaspray Beach

Crescent of white sand, backed by dunes.
Viewpoint in Dongara-Port Denison

Fishermens Lookout

Commonly referred to as 'the Obelisk' by locals, this monument just southwest of the Port Denison marina has excellent views, especially at sunset.
Historic Building in Dongara-Port Denison

Russ Cottage

Surrounded by rusted farming machinery, Russ Cottage is a historic building built around 1870, and home to the locally prominent Russ family until the early 1960s. It's open infrequently, but you can marvel at the w…