Worth a Trip: Cygnet Coast Road Detour

If you’re not in a rush, don’t miss the scenic coast road (C639) between Cradoc and Cygnet. The more direct route along the Channel Hwy (B68) is about 7km (this is the route for roadside apple stalls), but the coastal route is a lazy, meandering 27km past Petcheys Bay and Glaziers Bay.

One kilometre from the Cradoc junction, on a north-facing bank of the Huon River, is the pioneering Panorama Vineyard. Stick your nose into some pinot noir, chardonnay, merlot, riesling and an unusual white port.

An impressive place to stay at Glaziers Bay is Riverside, a luxe contemporary abode (good for two couples) with Huon views from wide verandahs. Fresh flowers, quality linen and homemade breakfast provisions seal the deal. Minimum three-night stay: look forward to slowing the holiday tempo right down.