Cygnet attractions

Brewery in Cygnet

Pagan Cider

One of Cygnet's claims to fame is Pagan Cider, the 'champagne of ciders' that's made its way into the taps of pubs around the state. At Pagan, cider ain't just about apples: it also does pear, cherry, strawberry and…
Museum in Cygnet

Cygnet Living History Museum

For a window into Cygnet's soul, the little Cygnet Living History Museum is a quaint history room next to the church on the main street, stuffed full of old photos, documents and curios. Check out the fantastic old …
Winery in Cygnet

Panorama Vineyard

One kilometre from the Cradoc junction on a north-facing bank of the Huon River is the pioneering Panorama Vineyard (since 1974), where you can stick your nose into pinot noir, chardonnay, merlot, riesling and an un…