Australian dollar ($)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than $150

  • Hostel dorm bed: $25–35
  • Hostel double room: $80–110
  • Budget pizza or pasta meal: $15–20
  • Local bus ride: from $3.30

Midrange: $150–300

  • Motel or B&B double room: $130–250
  • Breakfast or lunch in a cafe: $20–30
  • Car hire per day: from $35
  • Short taxi ride: $25

Top End: More than $300

  • Boutique-hotel double room: from $250
  • Three-course meal in a top restaurant: $80
  • Guided wilderness day tour: from $120
  • Decent bottle of Tasmanian wine: from $32


Bargaining and haggling isn't really part of Australian culture. That said, there's a definite 'cash' culture in commerce here, where you might get a lower price on a purchase if you pay cash rather than use a credit card (thus relieving the vendor of some of their official tax obligations).


There are no ATMs at Cradle Mountain or Derwent Bridge. You'll need to access cash at Sheffield or Queenstown. Note that there is little to no mobile reception at Cradle Mountain. The only provider that has coverage is Telstra, and its coverage is spotty.