Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Coober Pedy

Old Timers Mine

This interesting warren of tunnels was mined in 1916, and then hidden by the miners. The mine was rediscovered when excavations for a dugout home punched through into the labyrinth of tunnels. As well as the great s…
Top Choice Fast Food in Coober Pedy

Outback Bar & Grill

It may sound a bit odd, but this brightly lit, petrol-station diner is one of the best places to eat in Coober Pedy! Roasts, pastas, burgers, lasagne, schnitzels...and an awesome Greek-style lamb salad that's a bold…
Top Choice Sculpture in Coober Pedy


Check out this amazing leftover prop from the film Pitch Black, which has crash-landed on Hutchison St (...a minor Millennium Falcon?).
Museum in Coober Pedy

Umoona Opal Mine & Museum

For a terrific introduction to Coober Pedy – including history, fossils, desert habitats, Aboriginal culture, ecology and mining – take a wander through this free museum, run by the Umoona shop. Book yourself on a g…
Italian in Coober Pedy

John's Pizza Bar & Restaurant

Serving up table-sized pizzas, hearty pastas and heat-beating gelato, you can't go past John's. Grills, salads, burgers, yiros, and fish and chips also available. Sit inside, order some takeaways, or pull up a seat …
Nature Reserve in Coober Pedy

Breakaways Reserve

The Breakaways Reserve is a stark but colourful area of arid hills and scarps 33km north from Coober Pedy along a rough road − turn off the highway 22km west of town. Entry permits (per vehicle per 24 hours $10) are…
Modern Australian in Coober Pedy


The Desert Cave Hotel's rooftop restaurant is the classiest place to eat here (if a little lacking in intimacy), with international wait staff, top-notch dishes (Orroroo kangaroo saddle with sweet potato; Murrayland…
House in Coober Pedy

Faye's Underground Home

Faye’s was hand dug by three women in the 1960s – an exercise in persistence, to say the least. It's now a time-warp museum and a window into life in Coober Pedy last century – a little flowery decor-wise, sure, but…
Landmark in Coober Pedy

Painted Desert

En route to Oodnadatta via the route running east from Cadney Homestead (151km north of Coober Pedy) you pass through the aptly named Painted Desert – a lumpy landscape of rock outcrops, coloured deep red, brown, or…
Mine in Coober Pedy

Tom's Working Opal Mine

The best place to check out a working excavation is Tom's, 2km southwest of town: miners continue their search for the big vein; visitors noodle for small fortunes. Self-guided tours run any time between 8am and 5pm…