Underground in Coober Pedy

Faye's Underground Home

Faye’s was hand dug by three women in the 1960s. It’s a little flowery, but the living-room swimming pool is a winner!
Museum in Coober Pedy

Old Timers Mine

This interesting warren of tunnels was mined in 1916, and then hidden by the miners. The mine was rediscovered when excavations for a dugout home punched through into the labyrinth of tunnels. As well as the great s…
Church in Coober Pedy

Serbian Orthodox Church

This is the town's largest and most impressive underground church, with intricate rock-wall carvings and a gorgeous vaulted ceiling. It's about 3km south of town.
Mine in Coober Pedy

Tom's Working Opal Mine

The best place to check out a working excavation is Tom's, 2km southwest of town: miners continue their search for the big vein; visitors noodle for small fortunes. Self-guided tours run 8am, 10am, 2pm & 4pm and…
Church in Coober Pedy

Catholic Church of St Peter & St Paul

Coober Pedy's first church still has a sweet appeal, with statue-filled nooks and hushed classical music.
Church in Coober Pedy

Catacomb Anglican Church

Remote sermons beamed onto a big screen.
Sculpture in Coober Pedy

Big Winch

You can't miss the Big Winch, from which there are sweeping views over Coober Pedy. An optimistic 'if' painted on the side of the big bucket sums up the town's spirit.
Sculpture in Coober Pedy


Check out this amazing leftover prop from the film Pitch Black, which has crash landed on Hutchison St.