Top things to do in Chillagoe

Top Choice Cave in Chillagoe

Chillagoe−Mungana Caves National Park

This park boasts a magnificent miscellany of features including 400-million-year-old limestone caves, Indigenous rock art, eerie outcrops and the looming ruins of Chillagoe's old smelters. The park is spread across …
Observatory in Chillagoe

Chillagoe Observatory

Chillagoe's remote savannah location makes it an ideal place to scan the night skies. This observatory, at Chillagoe Eco Lodge, makes it even better, with an equipped viewing dome, two huge telescopes and expert com…
Ruins in Chillagoe

Chillagoe Smelters

Part of the Chillagoe−Mungana Caves National Park, these eerie, abandoned smelters are a Chillagoe icon. They operated at a furious pace between 1900 and 1943, treating 1.25 million tonnes of ore and yielding hundre…
Historic Site in Chillagoe

Indigenous Rock Art Galleries

Indigenous people have lived in the Chillagoe area for 37,000 years. The Chillagoe−Mungana Caves National Park is home to two accessible Aboriginal rock-art galleries: Mungana and Wullumba. To reach the Mungana coll…
Race in Chillagoe

Great Wheelbarrow Race

This annual race pays tribute to the miners of the 1880s who pushed their belongings in wheelbarrows along the gruelling 140km track from Mareeba to Chillagoe. While today's race reverses their route (runners start …
Rodeo in Chillagoe

Chillagoe Rodeo

This quintessential outback rodeo offers two solid days of yee-hawing, with a night of live music and boot-scooting in-between.
Coffee in Chillagoe

Chillagoe Gallery 29

The best spot for barista coffee and cake in Chillagoe.
Pub Food in Chillagoe

Post Office Hotel

This grand old corner hotel has a small but sociable bar, a spacious covered beer garden and reliable pub meals of steak, schnitzel, burgers and salads, including $12 specials Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. There's b…