Australia in detail


There are very few rules of etiquette to take into account in Australia.

  • Greetings Usually a simple 'G'day', smile or nod suffices when passing people. Shake hands with men or women when meeting for the first time. Australians expect a firm handshake with eye contact.
  • Aboriginal Communities Direct eye contact can be considered overbearing. Be respectful, wait to be acknowledged and respond in a like manner.
  • Dry Communities Check whether alcohol restrictions apply when visiting remote communities. You may be breaking the law if you have booze in your vehicle.
  • BBQs Bring your own drinks, and some sausages (aka 'snags') if invited to a BBQ.
  • Photography Ask before taking pictures of people. Particularly bear in mind that for Aboriginal Australians, photography can be highly intrusive, and photographing cultural places, practices and images, sites of significance and ceremonies may not be welcomed. Respect is essential.