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Gorge in Cape Range National Park

Charles Knife Canyon

On the east coast, an incredibly scenic and at times dramatic road (11km in length) ascends a knife-edge ridge via rickety corners, necessitating frequent stops to make the most of the breathtaking views. A rough tr…
Gorge in Cape Range National Park

Yardie Creek Gorge

A couple of walking trails give access to excellent views above this water-filled gorge: the gentle Nature Walk is 1.2km return, or the longer trail is 2km return and takes you high above the creek. There's also the…
Gorge in Cape Range National Park

Mandu Mandu Gorge

There's a small car park off the main road 14km south of the Milyering Discovery Centre, and from here there's a pleasant, occasionally steep 3km return walk onto the gorge rim.
Bird Sanctuary in Cape Range National Park

Mangrove Bay Bird Hide

Spot migratory birds among the mangroves, or just wander out along the tidal flats. Bring insect repellent. The turn-off is about 6km south of the park entrance station.