Top Choice Museum in Canberra

Australian War Memorial

Canberra's most rewarding museum experience includes halls dedicated to WWI, WWII and conflicts from 1945 to the present day. A spectacular aircraft hall segues to sound-and-light shows staged in the massive Anzac …
Top Choice Notable Building in Canberra

Parliament House

Opened in 1988, Australia's national parliament building is dug into Capital Hill, and has a grass-topped roof topped by an 81m-high flagpole. The rooftop lawns encompass 23 hectares of gardens and provide superb 36…
Top Choice Gallery in Canberra

National Portrait Gallery

This gallery tells the story of Australia through its faces – from wax cameos of Aboriginal tribespeople to colonial portraits of the nation's founding families and contemporary works such as Howard Arkley's Day-Glo…
Top Choice Gallery in Canberra

National Gallery of Australia

Includes an extraordinary Aboriginal Memorial from Central Arnhem Land created for Australia's 1988 bicentenary. The work of 43 artists, this 'forest of souls' presents 200 hollow log coffins (one for every year of …
Top Choice Gardens in Canberra

National Arboretum

Located on land previously impacted by bush fires, Canberra's National Arboretum is an ever-developing showcase of trees from around the world. It is early days for many of the plantings, but it's still worth visiti…
Museum in Canberra

Royal Australian Mint

The Royal Australian Mint is Australia’s biggest money-making operation. Its gallery showcases the history of Australian coinage; here you can learn about the 1813 ‘holey dollar’ and its enigmatic offspring, the ‘du…
Sports Institute in Canberra

Australian Institute of Sport

The country's elite and aspiring-elite athletes hone their sporting prowess at the AIS. The 90-minute tours led by resident athletes have information on training routines and diets. There are displays on Australian …
Gallery in Canberra

Drill Hall Gallery

Drop into the Drill Hall Gallery to see special exhibitions and paintings from the Australian National University's art collection; a permanent fixture is the near-phosphorescent hue of Sidney Nolan’s Riverbend. Col…
Viewpoint in Canberra

Telstra Tower

Black Mountain (812m), northwest of the city, is topped by the 195m-high Telstra Tower, which has a great vista from 66m up its shaft.
Landmark in Canberra

Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet

Built in 1970 to mark the bicentenary of Cook's landfall, the Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet near Regatta Point flings a 6-tonne column of water up into the air. There is also a skeleton globe at the Point on which…