Top Choice Cafe in Bundaberg

Oodies Cafe

A double garage on the edge of Bundaberg's CBD is the unlikely venue for the town's coolest cafe. Oodies is an oddity where you can lounge on leather armchairs with the hipcats sipping chai lattes, or dine from the …
Top Choice Cafe in Bundaberg

Alowishus Delicious

Finally! A cafe open at night! This creative catering company is a great place to type that blog, meet a friend for a late-night pastry, or bang in a coffee between shifts picking mangoes.
Fusion in Bundaberg

Spicy Tonight

What do you get when you cross Thai and Indian? Spices you never knew could coexist. Bundaberg’s saucy little secret serves hot curries, vindaloo, tandoori and a host of vegetarian dishes.
Cafe in Bundaberg

Cool Banana's Cafe

Cheap and cheerful cafe run by the same crowd as Les Chefs. Daily specials include fish and chips, kebabs and lamb roasts. Coffee and breakfast is decent too.
Cafe in Bundaberg


Much of the local Bundaberg sugar must go into the incredible cakes and pastries at this cafe that promotes local produce.
Cafe in Bundaberg


Pumps out hefty sandwiches and astonishingly cheap breakfasts ($8).
International in Bundaberg

Les Chefs

This old mainstay of the Bundaberg dining scene is in a small nondescript building where huge salads, schnitzels and steaks feature on an extensive menu. Desserts ($10) are not for the faint-hearted. The same group …