Top Choice Gallery in Broome

Short Street Gallery

This original building houses back-to-back exhibitions of contemporary Indigenous artworks. The stock room studio at 3 Hopton St, Old Broome holds a stunning collection of canvasses of all sizes (and some sculptures…
Top Choice Beach in Broome

Cable Beach

Western Australia's most famous landmark offers turquoise waters and beautiful white sand curving away to the sunset. Clothing is optional north of the rocks, while south, walking trails lead through the red dunes o…
Museum in Broome

Broome Museum

Discover Cable Beach and Chinatown's origins through exhibits devoted to the area's pearling history and WWII bombing in this quirky museum, occupying the former Customs House.
Cemetery in Broome

Pioneer Cemetery

The small Pioneer Cemetery overlooks Roebuck Bay at Town Beach.
Museum in Broome

Pearl Luggers

The compact museum has some 'pearls' indeed, and provides an interesting talk on Broome's tragic pearling past, evoking the diver experience with genuine artefacts. You can also wander over two of the last surviving…
Beach in Broome

Town Beach

Tiny Town Beach is fine for a dip when the tide is in; just ensure it's not stinger season.
Beach in Broome


Has a pleasant sandy beach and good fishing from the jetty. You might even see whales, turtles or dolphins.
Beach in Broome

Reddell Beach

For a blistering sunset without tourists, camels or 4WDs, pull into any of the turn-offs along Kavite Rd between Gantheaume Point and the port and watch the pindan cliffs turn into molten lava.
Landmark in Broome

WWII Flying Boat Wrecks

On a very low tide it's possible to walk out across the mudflats from Town Beach to the wrecks of Catalina and Dornier flying boats attacked by Japanese 'Zeroes' during WWII. The planes had been evacuating refugees …
Cemetery in Broome

Chinese Cemetery

Located next to the Japanese Cemetery is a Chinese burial ground with more than 90 graves and monuments.